Friendly Open Series

A Game of Thrones Friendly Open was created December 2020 by Magnus, a player from the Norwegian meta. Friendly Open (FO) was created to get new players into the tournament scene.


History around FO


I found AGoT LCG sometime in 2018, and immediately got hooked. I bought everything I could get hold of and started to play with my buddy Leo. Unfortunately, no one else wanted to play, so our interest faded…

In December 2020, we found out that it was possible to play this game online, and joined a Christmas Charity tournament, and both managed to grab a win, and we were hooked again. Unfortunately, the tournament scene was non-existent, or very unorganized and badly promoted, and we couldn’t find any tournaments to join. So I decided to make my own tournament, with focus on getting new players into the game by hosting beginner friendly tournaments.

I asked around for help, and a couple of AGoT legends helped me out, and the test tournament had 6 players. So Leo and I were joined by Miha Vrbanec, Dennis Luke, Tamas Albeck and Stefan Topfstedt who all have been great supporters of the tournament”.

Fun fact: Leo, Miha and Magnus have been participating in all 32 Friendly Opens so far!


Evolution of the community


FO has grown both content wise and with a bigger crew and runs the Friendly Open in a much more professional manner than when it started! Our crew consist of Miha Vrbanec (Odrl in discord), Hannes Kröger (Feuerbart in discord), Renaud Belanger (mak in discord), Francesco Cirilli (Kane in discord) and Magnus Sandelin-Nyhagen (Zinnie in discord).


The Friendly Open Series in 2022


  1. The FO Circuit will consist of 5 tournaments of ~4 rounds on the course of 1 month.
  2. In each Episodes, players will accumulate FO points based on their ranking.
  3. The points chart fluctuates based on the total numbers of players and every rank gets points (inspired by a poker reward chart).
  4. By accumulating points from Episode 1 thru 4, you'll get the chance to participate in Episode 5 to determine the FO Champ of the Season.
  5. Also, after 4 Episodes, the overall top 12 players will be eligible in the top cut in Episode 5.
  6. The top 4 players of Episode 5 also earns a top cut spot.


About the game and how it works


A Game of Thrones The Card Game 2nd Edition is run by a volunteer organization called G.O.T. (Global Operation Team)


New cards are still being made!


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