🇩🇪 Hightower Festival - German Championship 2024

🇩🇪 Hightower Festival - German Championship 2024
in-person | Store Championship
Saturday August 24th 2024
09:00 GMT/UTC

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DJH Youth Hostel Frankfurt


Deutschherrnufer 12, 60594 Frankfurt am Main

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HIGHTOWER FESTIVAL - German Championship 2024

Dear Westerosi,

We are delighted to invite you to the very first German Championship in the Game of Thrones Card Game 2nd Edition in Frankfurt am Main, the heart of Europe! This is your chance to prove your skills and secure the title of German Champion. Who will claim the title in the shadow of the Hightowers?



  • Joust Tournament: Saturday, August 24th, starting at 10 am (registration until 9:45 am)
  • Melee Tournament: Sunday, August 25th, starting at 10 am (registration until 9:45 am)



  • Location: DJH Youth Hostel Frankfurt
  • Address: Deutschherrnufer 12, 60594 Frankfurt am Main


Location & Accommodation:

The tournament will take place at the Youth Hostel Frankfurt, in a separate room. So, if you book early, you can reserve a room on-site. The youth hostel is centrally located in Sachsenhausen, right on the Main river. Food and beverages are available on-site or in the vicinity.



Be sure to read carefully and fill out this registration form: link - We have a cap of 40 players at the venue!


Play, play, play:

We have the room on Saturday and Sunday until 11 pm. That means we can play until the cows come home. Joust will definitely be played for 6 rounds Swiss, cut depends on time.



Already on Friday evening, we will meet in the cozy atmosphere of the Playce to get to know each other, play some games, and prepare for the upcoming battles - and of course, enjoy a few good beers.



Great prizes await the bravest and most skillful players. Get ready to raise your banners and plunge into battle!


May the best house prevail!

Your Frankfurt Meta