World Cup 2024

World Cup 2024
online | League
Monday April 1st 2024
09:00 GMT/UTC

World Cup 2024

Calling All Banners!

World Cup 2024 is a online tournament, where teams of players representing their "nations" are competing against each other in weekly rounds of 8v8 matches.



This tournament will be held on https://theironthrone.net/.



  • Jan 1st 2024: Initial event announcement.
  • March 18th 2024: Team registration deadline ends.
  • March 24th 2024: Deck submission deadline ends, Decks are published the following day.
  • March 29th 2024: Groups are announced.
  • April 1st 2024: First round pairings are announced, tournament starts


Card pool and deck building restrictions

  • The card pool consists of the original cards + Redesigns + Forgotten Heroes + Jade Sea + Hear My Word + For the Realm + Bran the Builder + As High as Honor + Spoils of War + any packs from Mist of Memory that’s been released before 25.02.2024.
  • The GOT Standard Joust Restricted List v1.9 applies, with the addition of “The Iron Throne (LMHR)” to the list of banned cards.

Each team will build and submit eight decks, one for each faction in the game, which they will play throughout the tournament. Each agenda may only be used once per team (this also goes for Alliance. If a Banner Agenda has been used in any of the other decks, it's not allowed in Alliance, and vice versa).


Format and Structure

Teams will be competing against each other in weekly rounds of 8 vs. 8 joust matches. This is a group stage tournament with a top cut with the x number of best teams per group.


Tournament rules



World Cup's Discord https://discord.gg/xzJW8MXZxw.