The Night's Watch

Night's Watch
Night Gathers and Now My Watch Begins

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Founded in the aftermath of the Long Night, the Night’s Watch has guarded Westeros against the nameless threats beyond for centuries.

Bastards, fallen men, criminals, and knights come together as sworn brothers of the Night’s Watch, and together they hold the Wall – a massive barrier of solid ice that stretches across Westeros. 

The vows of the Night’s Watch forbid them from taking wives or holding lands, but that does not mean they have abandoned the game of thrones.

Some would use the Night’s Watch to claim personal power. Others wish to influence the Iron Throne and bring more support to the Night’s Watch, the better to defend Westeros against wildlings and the Others.

The Night's Watch are the scavengers of the realm and they’re adept at picking up scraps and using what others have thrown away or left behind.

They are sworn to defend the Wall and because of this, they’re fierce when defending challenges.

The Night’s Watch also has a specialized character base as they divide their tasks and strengths among Stewards, Rangers, and Builders. As a faction, playing the Night's Watch feels the most distinct from the others. After all, they’re not a Great House and they operate with a different set of goals.


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Themes and Strength

Defense, Builders, Rangers, Choke, Stealing

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Decklists (beginners)

- Night's Watch / Kings of Summer by Marcel Arias

This deck is made by Marcel Arias, who is a real beast with orange cards (Martell), and a good deck builder with several factions. Marcel (JP Profile), is a real stand-up guy who helps new players, and is one of the reason Friendly Open became a thing (he helped Zinnie - host of FO, build his first deck ever).


Decklists (intermediate)

- Work in progress