Winter is Coming

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The North of Westeros is filled with great forests, barren plains, rocky shores, and snow-capped mountains.

From its northernmost edge at the Wall to the swampy marshlands of the Neck, this cold and unforgiving land is ruled by House Stark from the great citadel of Winterfell.

The Starks are honorable rulers, governing justly as the Wardens of the North, but they once reigned supreme as the Kings of Winter.

The Starks are honorable but unyielding, harsh in their judgement and direct in their punishment of those who offend. They have a pack mentality, they understand the notion of sacrifice for the greater good, and they can rally together when one of their own is in trouble.

More often than not, they are military aggressors, taking the fight directly to their enemies. This faction is also the natural home of the "Ned" player type (who desires story immersion above all else), and House Stark will be the place where the explicit "nods to Ned" are most frequent.



Themes and Strength

Aggro, Rush, Stand, Renown, Control

After the release of the game’s first deluxe expansion, Wolves of the North, the Starks filled out their theme of sacrificing for the greater good. Robb Stark (Core) stands your entire team, and Catelyn Stark (WotN) gains both power and strength when a Stark character leaves the arena. Jon Snow can initiate a sacrifice whenever needed, and Jory Cassel will give himself up to protect your major characters.

The Stark military expertise can be seen in efficient characters like Arya Stark (Core) and Eddard Stark (Fast Eddy). When the Starks win a military challenge, they often capitalize. Rodrick Cassel and For the North! (Core) will give you more cards to work with, while Ice (Core) and Winter Is Coming (Core) will punish opponents by killing their characters.

The Starks are often described as the game’s “police” because of their cards that disallow opposing card effects. Catelyn Stark (Core) and Winterfell pre-emptively stop shenanigans, while Bran Stark (Core) and The Pack Survives let you cancel unwanted surprises.

There’s a “tribal” Direwolf theme ingrained in many Stark cards. Grey Wind (Core) and Wolves of the North can munch on opposing characters. Lady and Nymeria are attachments that give bonuses to the Stark character that they accompany. Like Warm Rain (Core) helps to shore up the greatest Stark weakness, intrigue challenges. A Time for Wolves and Wolf Dreams let you tutor for the right Direwolf to suit your needs.

Finally, related to the Direwolve module is a "naval" package (a term that roughly corresponds to a first edition mechanic). Cards like Winterfell Kennel Master and Wardens of the North allow you to add characters to a challenge outside of the normal framework for declaring attackers and defenders, making it difficult for opponent's to anticipate your moves. 

† References above provided by scantrell24


Deckbuilding Series

The Friendly Council is a deckbuilding series for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game (Second Edition). This is a new Friendly Open project, aimed at helping beginner and intermediate-level players build their own decks.



Decklists (beginners)

- Stark / Fealty by Harrison Anderson

This deck is by Harrison Anderson which is considered to be a master of the "passive power" style of play. Harrison (TJP Profile), is a top-top player, and was in the final of the last instalment the Champions of Westeros with this amazing Drowned God deck.


- Stark / Crossing by Hanno Lunser

This deck is made by Hanno Lunser who is the greatest Game of Thrones The Card Game 2nd Edition player of all time. Hanno (JP Profile), former head of the design team, now a member of the design team (which are doing a hell of a job!!), is a big part in how this game moves forward, and are always helpful towards players who got questions about balance or the game in general.


Decklists (intermediate)

- Stark / The Lord of the Crossing by Dennis Luke and The Friendly Council