Champions of Westeros League (Summer)

Champions of Westeros League (Summer)
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Monday July 15th 2024
09:00 GMT/UTC

Champions of Westeros League


Everyone is welcome, at any skill level. Join the most long lasting online League of AGoT LCG! Everyone who attends, get ranked by points.

Each season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn) will last 11 weeks: 2 weeks for registration, 6 rounds of Swiss, 5 rounds of elimination.

Starting on a Monday, players will play only 1 game per week and will have 1 week to play their game.

Players communicate between them to schedule their match.

Each week, players may play the same decks from the previous week or they can change deck.

Rough dates: Winter will run from Jan to March, Spring will be from April to June, Summer will be from July to September and Fall/Autumn will be from October to December.




Read more on our rules page.


Card Pool

Redesigns + most recent RL at date of the tournament + Forgotten Heroes, Jade Sea, Hear My Words, For The Realm, Bran the Builder, As High as Honor, The Spoils of War (https://thronesdb.com/restrictions).



6 rounds of Swiss + top32 + top16 + top8 + top4 + finale (all 1 game/round per week).


Registration Link



Where we play




- 1-2 weeks of registration.

- Swiss: 1 game per week, 1 week to play it (6 weeks). You can change decks every week, if you want.

- Cut: Depending on the number of players, all players with 4 wins will make the cut (top16, top8, top4, finale).


Entrance Fee

Free to play


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